Inauguration Day - 2017

Today Mr. Donald Trump transits from being President Elect to President.  Inauguration Day is always a historical event in this country, and today is no different.  Unfortunately there are too […]

Control The Guns

Why is it that anytime an incident occurs in the country that involves firearms someone or many someones will take advantage of the event to politicize the time-worn topic of […]

You Must Prepare!

Yesterday’s terror attacks on US Military establishments in Chattanooga, Tennessee have left me horrified and frightened. Every time we have a domestic terror attack in the United States it is […]

The Most Qualified Candidate Is . . .

On June 4th, 2015 Cincinnati Executive Assistant Police Chief Paul H. Humphries announced his intention to retire after 30 years of service to the City of Cincinnati. Paul has accepted […]

The "Flexible Deadline”

In an article appearing on Cincinnati.com entitled “Anti-crime plan deadline passes, but not an issue”, Cincinnati City Manager Harry Blackis quoted as saying “the Friday deadline was always meant to […]

Recently, for the sake of research, I posed this question in Facebook: “Would making recreational marijuana legal in Ohio be a good thing or a bad thing. “. The results […]

City Manager Selection

As you may recall, last December almost immediately after being elected, Mayor John Cranley nominated Park Board Director Willie Carden for the position of City Manager to replace outgoing City […]

Un'friend'ly People

As you may recall, several months before the November 2013 election I conducted an experiment with social media, specifically with Facebook. I was attempting to see how responsive to a […]

Big Government Concerns

Big Government is invading your privacy, is seizing your lands and taking your money. Big Government, whether it be Federal, State, or Local, are constantly and consistently infringing upon the […]

Federal Government Abuse of Power

I have been watching with interest, and with growing concern, the chain of events as they unfold in Clark County, Nevada with regards to Cliven Bundy’s fight with the Federal […]