The Magical, Mysterious, Land of Carpet (Revisited)

downloadI have been asked by a few for an update on the Magical Mysterious Land of Carpet (pronounced carpay). Not wishing to disappoint, here is what has happened since last we visited. After the departure of The High Sovereign, a strange calm, described by some as relief, fell over the land. Many stepped up to lead the kingdom but only one was chosen. A short, dark, stranger rode in out of the west (actually it was out of the north but I don’t want to obfuscate the telling of this tale with facts) to take over the land, He was liked by many and have a very distinctive style of leadership. In fact, his leadership style was no leadership at all. He spent his days establishing no rules, and dismissing any enforcement of the rules that existed. He was well liked in the kingdom because his main philosophy was to offend no one. All his subjects were happy because they could do as they please, they could dress as they please, and they could get away with pretty much anything. But alas, his time in the Land of Carpet was short. He was summoned back to his home land and he took off in a northern direction (really) to see the brown, brown grass of home.

His parting allowed the big cheese to stick it to the kingdom one last time with the appointment of another short, dark, very strange stranger from the Northeast, known as Lord Blackhole. Lord Blackhole came to town with two goals in mind, the first to tell everybody how great he is, and the second to quietly slip out of his old kingdom before the authorities figured out what he had been up to. Oddly enough, he seems to have been successful in both endeavors . . . so far. He spends his day traveling about the kingdom, having his picture taken, and perpetrating they myth that he is solely responsible for all things good in the kingdom. Additionally, he spends a great deal of time convincing those around him that he is in charge. He must do this because most still find it difficult to believe he is in charge. At a recent meeting of the “Rectangle Table” he was busily trying to impress those present with all his cool ideas. One of the handmaidens in attendance exclaimed “But Sire, would it not be better to purchase new items of use to replace the worn out and dilapidated equipment currently in use such as rusty swords and old swayback horses  instead of purchasing toys of little or no value? Lord Blackhole immediately became enraged and asked the handmaiden “What dungeon shall I throw you in?” It has been told that a champion of this very handmaiden, when speaking out against the threat was himself cast into a dungeon.  All the serfs in the land are now afraid to speak out for fear of reprisal.

And so, once again, a dark cloud is over the Land of Carpet, even darker than when The High Sovereign was running amok in the land. Lord Blackholes’s subjects are not happy. Lord Blackhole’s superiors are not happy. Only Lord Blackhole is happy because he is oblivious to the fact that his true function is to provide comedic fodder for aspiring bards in the realm.

In closing, I must mention that the characters in this story are fictional and any resemblance to any person living, dead, or brain dead is purely coincidental. Below are links to related articles.

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