Thank You for Your Service

Recently I was fortunate enough to have been able to scratch two items off my bucket list. Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, I was given support (money) […]

Notice of Unretirement

I officially left the ranks of the employed on January 16th, 2014 following over 50 years in the workforce, in several capacities. I must say, I am not impressed with […]

Farewell To Friends

Hearing of the death of a loved one or a friend or even an acquaintance is always difficult. I find myself contemplating their loss and feeling an emptiness that is […]

The Good Guys Wear White Hats

When I was growing up, many years ago, times were simpler. As a child, I was taught the difference between right and wrong and when I failed to acknowledge this […]

Jumping To Conclusions

It seems as if we have another great American past time that is being practiced by many citizens in this country. I am referring to, as the title implies, the […]

Sam Dubose, Folk Hero?

I have to admit, I was quite surprised yesterday after hearing the news of a settlement reached by the University of Cincinnati and the Dubose Family for the wrongful death […]

Let's Party!

I am not a political guy, contrary to what others may say or think about me. I never paid that much attention to politics. I guess I am a bad […]

Cleveland City Hall

Over the past several weeks I have heard the three words “Tamir Rice Was” over and over again. The three words do not change, but what follows is quite varied. […]